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GAZİANTEP is one of the most developed cities of Turkey and is also one of the oldest, its history reaching as far back as the Hittites. With its extensive olive groves and vineyards, Gaziantep is one of the important agricultural and industrial centers of Turkey.
You can see many fascinating historical inns, traditional houses, mosques, bazaars while you were around the Gaziantep Citadel which is under restoration. Nowadays there is a huge restoration works around the citadel, becuase there is a new project named Kültür Yolu Projesi (Culturel Path Project) which is an award winner project.
Gaziantep - Turkey  |  Population: 1.700.763 (2010)
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Gaziantep Zoo Gaziantep Zoo
Gaziantep Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Turkey. Especially interesting are the bird pavillion and the aquarium. Gaziantep Zoo offers a large variety of animals, attractive picnic grounds, and a cafeteria.
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Traditional Houses Traditional Houses
Gaziantep houses are made of soft calcareous stones and have thick walls. Generally, they have one or two levels, but larger structures exist. The traditional Gaziantep houses displaying these features are situated mainly in the city center.
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Hasan Süzer Ethnography Museum Hasan Süzer Ethnography Museum
Antep house in Hanifioglu Road in Bey Ward which has the best sight/scenery of old city structure of Antep with its narrow roads, passages, hewn stone walls and houses with clay roofing tiles. The building has changed the owner by time.
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Gaziantep Archaeology Museum Gaziantep Archaeology Museum
The museum hosts ceramic pieces from Neolithic Age, various objects, figures, seals from Calcolithic and Bronze Age, stone and bronze objects, jewellery, ceramics, coins, glass objects from Urartu, Hittite, Persian, Roman and Byzantium periods.
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Gaziantep Mevlevi Lodge Foundation Museum Gaziantep Mevlevi Lodge Foundation Museum
The dervish lodge is part of the mosque's "külliye" (Islamic-Ottoman social complex centered around a mosque). It was built in the 17th century. The Mevlevi Lodge Monastery is entered via a courtyard which opens off the courtyard of the mosque.
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Gaziantep Citadel Gaziantep Citadel
Gaziantep Citadel, located in the centre of the city displays the historic past and architectural style of the city. Although the history of castle is a mystery, as a result of the excavations conducted there, bronze age settlement layers are thought to exist under the section existing on the surface of the soil.
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Tobacco Inn Tobacco Inn
This inn has no epigraph showing dates of construction or renovation, but according to historical data, the estimated date of construction is the late 17th Century. Ownership was passed to Hüseyin Ağa, son of Nur Ali Ağa, in the early 19th Century.
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